Accessories for Coil Processing / Coil Handling

Useful Components around Presses and Coil Feeding Lines


Beside of machines and systems for coil processing Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH also offers to their customers a program with accessories for coil processing, around coil feeding lines as well as presses.

Within this product range there are available pneumatically as well as electrically driven part transporters / part conveyors for transporting of good parts as well as stamping scrap out of the press dies. Furtheron there are available pneumatically operated die lifters with rolls or balls to make the change of press dies much more easy..

With regard to the product sectors of oiling, lifting with C-hooks, crane hooks or lifting tables, non-driven straightening devices, scrap shears and others we already now are happy to receive your inquiries.

The product pages to these product sectors are under work at the moment and will be available within short time. 

Please contact us by phone  or email.

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heavy load turning station medium sized_double sided_decoiler heavy_load_pallet_transport_carts pedestrian_push_pull_units_PTT3_with_lifting_hydraulics industrial trucks with pivot bearing Handlingsysteme servo_feeder_straightener Werkzeugwechsel indoor heavy load pallet transport carts type 2 heavy_load_mainframe_turning_station Werkzeugwechsel conventional line for coil processing Coilverarbeitung electric coil tilting turning tables