Dispatch or Manipulation of Goods at ergonomical Height

The lifting-tilting-tables offered here are used at industry and trade for dispatching or manipulating of goods at ergonomical height.

The lifting-tilting-table is constructed in such a way that it can be moved by forklift truck, including the box or container on top. It also can be loaded by a high-lift truck.
The surface of the tipping platform of the lifting-tilting table is designed for material boxes with diemensions of 1.000 x 1.400 mm.
During tipping of the platform the platform itself will be drawn in to the center of the lifting-tilting-table by 185 mm. This saves a lot of space at narrow areas. 

Technical Data of the Lifting-Tilting-Table:

  • lower table height adjustable by 400 mm
  • tilting element with tipping platform
  • tilting angle 35° within aprox 35 seconds
  • tilting function possible at all lifting positions
  • rubber gaiter as protection
  • 3-sided safety contact strip at the platform
  • maintenance-free bearing of the scissors-axis 
  • inspection safety column
  • dead man's control by pushbutton with emergency exit at 3 meter cable
  • operating voltage 400V
  • control voltage 230V


Please let us have your requirement regarding Lifting-Tilting-Tables. We will be prepared to provide you with an interesting offer.

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